Happy in a Cup or Cone

Hot summer days mean it’s time for ice cream.

“It’s always been in the family.”—This is probably true for many more people than just Rick Johnstone, owner of the local favorite Cup and Cone. Cup and Cone was originally opened in June 1973 by Johnstone’s father Keith, to attract customers to the family’s grocery store next door. The ice cream shop has been attracting White Bear Lake families ever since.

One of Johnstone’s favorite things about the shop is getting involved with the community, especially working with youth. “I usually hire teenagers. It’s great helping them develop to be good people,” Johnstone says. Johnstone adds that seeing customers returning time after time and getting to know them is another part of the job he loves.

With such a long history in the town, something silly had to have happened. Johnstone recalls a story from the winter of 1973 after the shop was opened, and it was snowing hard. His father called in a customer off the sidewalk and convinced him to buy a cone. On his way up to the window to order, the customer slipped on ice and broke his arm. “My dad had to shut down the shop and take the man to the hospital,” Johnstone says.

Cup and Cone offers a wide variety of ice cream treats to keep you cool this summer. Along with the traditional vanilla and chocolate, every four days there is a new flavor. There are also plenty of shake, sundae and slush choices as well.

Dairy sensitive? There is always a lactose- or dairy-free option. One of the popular lactose-free options is chocolate mint, and for dairy-free options they have a variety of fruity Dole Whips, including lemon, pineapple and raspberry.

Secret Menu Item
If you are looking for a taste of paradise, ask for a Sunset Splash which is made with ice cream (a secret flavor) mixed with Sprite.