Working to save the White Bear Township Town Hall

Stepping up to save the White Bear Township Town Hall
The old White Bear Town Hall.

From 1885 until 2011, White Bear Township townsfolk met in the quaint Town Hall–which was designed by Cass Gilbert–to discuss important issues. During that impressive stretch, the building has been moved several times and since a township decision to approve another move, renovations have been put off. This has caused the Town Hall to fall into disrepair, forcing township meetings to move elsewhere and putting the historic building in danger of being destroyed.This is precisely why Sara Markoe Hanson, the executive director of the White Bear Area Historical Society, stepped in. She says the building has been “an important way in which the multiple communities that comprise the township have remained connected”.  For now, the decision to destroy the building has been put off while the Historical Society sees if the building can be put on the national register. For more information about the White Bear Lake Historical Society, visit their website.