White Bear Lake Mathnasium

Mathnasium learning center makes math fun.

Math can be challenging for many of us. But the Mathnasium learning center in White Bear Lake is helping kids see math in a whole new way. This after-school learning center helps kids in first grade through high school boost their math skills through games and puzzles that help foster critical thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills. “Our overarching goal is to enhance the child’s math skills, understanding of math concepts and overall school performance,” says center director Peter Atakpu.All students receive a customized program designed specifically for them based on their Mathnasium assessment results, and then work with trained instructors to grow their math skills in a way that makes sense to them. Students can attend as often as they like for one-hour sessions. 4711 Highway 61 N., White Bear Lake; 651.888.2541.