Tips for a Couples Massage from White Bear Lake Experts

DIY couples massage is a perfect Valentine’s Day indulgence.
Candles, essential oils and warm towels are a few of the necessities to give the perfect massage.

Massage has skyrocketed in popularity in the past two decades. National Institutes of Health studies, among others, indicate massage can have a dramatic positive impact on physical and mental well-being. And in February, it’s more important than ever. “There’s really no better Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one (and yourself) to relieve stress and anxiety from today’s hectic world,” says Mary Jo Lohn founder of Healing Waters.
    So, instead of you and your sweetie heading to the spa for that relaxing break from the hectic world, now you can create a DIY Valentine’s Day couple’s massage experience in the comfort of your own home by using basic techniques and products professionals use in a spa setting. And since a massage is best when it’s multi-sensory, Khiana Barlau, a certified massage and Reiki therapist with Sunbear Salon Spa, offers tips for creating a massage experience that will please not just one or two, but all five of the senses.      

Dim the lights, pull the drapes and light several candles. Lavender and sandalwood scents are popular and increase relaxation.  

Play soothing meditation/relaxation instrumental music with sounds of nature; CDs are available at local retailers, or you can download selections from iTunes or YouTube.

Aromatherapy essential oils and lotions are a must. Many salon spas and boutiques offer these products. Again, lavender along with peppermint, rosemary and eucalyptus take you away.  

Warmth is key. To relax the muscles, use hot towels, hot stones, and warm oil and lotion. To take it up another notch, try a portable table covered with eggshell foam padding, heating pad, and soft sheets. Barlau recommends visiting, where you’ll find everything for the perfect massage set-up.   

Tantalize taste buds with large, heart-shaped strawberries, revered as one of the earth’s healthiest, antioxidant-loaded fruit, dipped in heart-friendly dark chocolate. Add a little whipped cream, some crunchy-yet-creamy pistachios—packed with protein, fiber and potassium—champagne or mimosa in stemmed glasses, and you have a delicious Valentine’s Day combination. Don’t forget water with cucumber or lemon to help with hydration.

Additional Tip
Learn to give a great massage. Check your fitness club, YMCA or community education; many offer classes for beginners in basic massage techniques. DVDs from Amazon and YouTube video demonstrations are numerous, as well.

Groupon or LivingSocial massage deals can save a bundle and a little ‘cha-ching’ left over for champagne, chocolate, flowers, or even a movie with your sweetie.

If you’d like to save yourself the work and decide to head to the spa, these local spots offer a variety of massages and price points.

Danabri Day Spa     
4754 Banning Avenue
White Bear Lake
Danabri offers individual 30-60 minute massages, which range in price from $48-$68. They recommend you call at least two days in advance.

Healing Waters

Oak Ridge Center
4801 Highway 61 Suite 307
White Bear Lake
Specializing at the clinical-therapeutic end of the massage spectrum addressing chronic stress and injury-related issues. With nine therapists, same-day appointments can be accommodated. Couples massages at the same time, but in separate rooms are available; book at least a week in advance. Sessions run 30 minutes to 2.5 hours with varying costs based on services.  

Indulge Salon and Wellness Spa
2183 Third Street
White Bear Lake
Numerous massages are available, starting at $50 for 45 minutes. It is recommended to call at least two weeks prior to assure couples can reserve the same time. A full line of essential oils by Sranrom of Thailand is available for purchase.  

Sunbear Salon Spa
2207 Third St.
White Bear Lake
Voted Best Massage in Best of White Bear Lake 2013, Sunbear has a variety of massage packages, including the signature red flower body ritual massage, which includes 60-90 minutes of massage for $90–$120.  A regular massage is $70 per hour and a hot stone massage is $80 per