Talented Teacher

Anastasia Eldredge is District 832’s Teacher of the Year.

Anastasia Eldredge has what some may consider a difficult task—making teenagers love math. But the Mahtomedi High School teacher not only does it, but does it really, really well. “I was born to be a teacher,” Eldredge says. The school district apparently agrees, as it named her Teacher of the Year for 2016.

While the recognition is certainly an honor, Eldredge says her motivation ultimately comes from a love of what she does. “It’s seeing students reach their academic goals and go beyond what they thought they were capable of,” she explains. “I love being a part of helping kids get to that point.”

Of Eldredge’s 31 years teaching, 30 have been in Mahtomedi. “I love the community,” she says. “My husband and I moved here. We raised our kids here. I think it’s a great place with great families.”