Sparkling Wine: Not Just for New Year’s Eve

Sales for sparkling wines soar during the holidays. Most of us pop a cork to ring in the New Year. And with good reason—celebrations and sparkling wines pair perfectly. But it’s time to think beyond the holidays: Sparkling wine goes very well with many occasions and many foods.


Wine Wizard Answers the Question: Are All Rieslings Sweet?

The most common reaction I get when asking friends about Riesling is: “Riesling is too sweet!” Sure, Riesling wines can be sweet, but quite often they’re far from it. Dry Rieslings are some of the most popular food-friendly wines available. Their natural acidity triggers a mouth-watering reaction that goes perfectly with many foods. My goal here is to offer basic clues to identify dry Rieslings.


Summer Recommendations from Our Local Wine Wizard

Suggesting there’s anything hidden about Spanish wine is a bit odd. Spain is a large country with more acres of vines planted than anywhere in the world, and the list of great wines is a mile long. That said, Spain often plays third fiddle behind France and Italy. But Spain is full of amazing wines and is home to two of my favorite wine regions in the world, Galacia and Priorat. These two regional gems produce incredible wines.


7 Vines Vineyard and Winery Produces Local Wine and Provides a Beautiful Event Venue

In the late 1980s, a special piece of Dellwood property caught real estate developer Ron Peltier’s eye. The 188-acre tract of land was originally part of James J. Hill’s empire and was passed down to his daughter and then his granddaughter, Gertrude Ffolliott. She wasn’t prepared to sell, but Peltier was willing to wait. That wait ended up being decades long, but Peltier was finally able to buy the property of his dreams in 2010.


Wine Winks Owner Heather Thomas on the Inspiration behind Her Brand

“You’ve always got your girls and a bottle of wine,” owner of Wine Winks Heather Thomas says. She created the business in 2015 after years spent searching for the perfect hostess gift. The Bryn Mawr resident is CEO of the retail and online business, selling accessories made with a bottle of wine in mind.

Thomas jokes that inspiration was found at the bottom of a bottle, but a background in sales and marketing coupled with creative vision and the right team helped bring her concept to life.


Woodbury Wine Wizard

In no way are the wines of southern Italy new. As a matter of fact, they are some of the world’s oldest, going back centuries to the Roman Empire. However, they are experiencing a resurgence here in the U.S. that offers consumers new and exciting choices. Wines of northern Italy have dominated shelf space for years, and for good reason. Barolo, Brunello, Chianti, Prosecco and Amarone are household names. They deserve to be!


Spring Wines

Golden Gris
The Golden Gris is made from two grapes developed at the University of Minnesota: La Crescent, with flavors of ripe apricots and honey, and Frontenac gris (a mutant of the red grape, Frontenac) that gives the wine a most amazing floral perfume. We especially love to serve Golden Gris chilled, as an aperitif with appetizers that take us to Spain. $24.99. Alexis Bailly Vineyard

Chateau Rosé


Lakes, Wine and Cheese

There are plenty of variables to consider when thinking about wine. One can look, for example,  at grape, region, age and technique. Oddly enough, cheese is just as dependent on these variables. Bridget Haugh, cheese expert at Lake Wine and Spirits, says cheese is the perfect complement to wine because they both “come from the land. The quality and taste of the milk produced is determined by the diet of the animals.


Lunds and Byerlys Weighs in on the Art of a Wine and Cheese Board

Feel free to showcase some creativity in pairing cheese and wine. “There are no general rules here. It is whatever people like,” says Gary Hanscom, Wines & Spirits manager at Lunds & Byerlys in Plymouth.

However, Hanscom has some suggestions. “I always recommend picking a variety of cheeses with different textures,” he says. A diverse cheese platter is the best way to cater to people’s different tastes and adds an element of fun.



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