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From Bowl to Soul

bowls of oatmeal

When people think of oatmeal, they might typically imagine a bland, brown bowl of mush. But this hearty mixture doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Slow roasted to perfection and topped with a variety of natural toppings, White Bear Lake specialty oatmeal bowl and granola business Minneoats takes this basic breakfast bowl from drab to fab. Read more about From Bowl to Soul

An homage to Asian noodle dishes around the lake

Slippery, slithery, shimmery noodles— how we love you! It’s hard to imagine life without the noodle, as humankind has been blessed with the noodle’s delights for a very long time. Eons, in fact: the Chinese invented the noodle thousands of years ago; recently, archeologists unearthed a 4,000-year-old bowl of millet noodles. We’ve been sucking them up with great gusto ever since. Made from flour, salt and water with slight variations between noodle types, this simple recipe makes magic on our plates and in our tummies. Read more about An homage to Asian noodle dishes around the lake

Review: Best Bacon in White Bear Lake

You can practically hear Homer Simpson saying it: “Mmm … bacon.” But maybe it was your own voice intoning those words of love. Check the mirror. Do you see a blissed-out expression? Is that a trickle of drool on your chin? Yep, it was you, and suddenly you need bacon, stat.

We’ve got you covered. We joyfully chased down the tastiest bacon treats in the lake area, from traditional to innovative. So next time your bacon craving hits, run, don’t walk, to one of these bacon-loving spots. Read more about Review: Best Bacon in White Bear Lake

Review: White Bear Lake's Best Pizzas

Pizza has been called the “perfect food” for many reasons: it represents several food groups, it’s portable, versatile, easy to find, adored by all and just plain delicious. The world of pizza cuisine has evolved from the standard red-sauce-gooey-cheese configuration to embrace all sorts of creative and often outlandish possibilities. Rumor has it there’s even a “sushi pizza” out there, although we couldn’t find such travesty in our ’hood. Read more about Review: White Bear Lake's Best Pizzas


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