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Dr. Ann Frisch Travels the World Helping Others Reduce Conflict

Dr Anne Frisch in White Bear Lake Magazine

For many, retirement means slowing down the pace of life, but for Dr. Ann Frisch, it meant starting a new career as an international peacekeeper, serving as an unarmed neutral in some of the most conflict-ridden areas of the world.

Frisch’s journey as a peacekeeper started when she joined Rotary International, a worldwide service organization committed to creating lasting change in the world, when she was a professor teaching human services and global education at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.

Blogging Along the Road to Recovery

Betsey Degree is a suburban wife and mother. She has four children, two dogs, and a tortoise. She is also a recovering addict and alcoholic who publicly shares her daily struggles and triumphs on her aptly titled blog, Mom off Meth.
Degree’s addiction didn’t begin with hard drugs, but was rooted in excess: Getting drunk on bowling night; letting loose on weekends. “I was an overwhelmed mom,” says Degree. “It felt good to go out and party—until I felt out of control and close to losing what was precious to me.”

Three White Bear Lake Couples Share Secrets to Long-Lasting Love

We often hear stories of those fleeting marriages that last a few years, or in a rather well publicized case, 63 days. But what of the couples who made their commitments and stuck to them? Meet three couples that have each been married more than 60 years. They’ve witnessed wars, numerous presidents, space travel, advancements in technology, and for some, gut-wrenching events. But in the end, they’ve stayed together. They’ve weathered the storms, changed with the times and now share their golden years, as always, together.

White Bear Lake Medium Suzanne Worthley

Suzanne Worthley has always felt very connected to metaphysical studies. With a mortician as a father, Worthley grew up in a family that embraced the topics of death, dying, energies and spirits. She has vivid memories of experiencing energies in her room at night, as young as the age of five. So she decided to channel all that metaphysical experience into a career.

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