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Grain Elevators

Whole Grains

Why does pasta get so much of the culinary glory? Granted, it transforms dishes, comes in shapes galore and has “comfort food” written all over it. As we’re in the midst of hygge cooking season (think all things cozy, comfy and warm), let’s take a closer look at grains—including some emerging trend-makers and recipes to keep you ahead of the grain game.  Read more about Grain Elevators

Let’s Talk Turkey

turkey from the oven

  You know it’s coming. Grocery stores are already battling to offer the lowest price per pound on turkey in preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday. This annual celebratory feast serves as an expression of gratitude and helps us bond with loved ones around a bountiful table of nostalgia-inducing dishes. And, at the center of most Thanksgiving banquets or buffets is that iconic centerpiece—a juicy, golden-skinned turkey. Read more about Let’s Talk Turkey

Simply the Best

Best Ever Grilled Chicken

The annual Best Of issue of White Bear Lake Magazine is always one of my favorites. I spend a lot of time searching for “bests”—the best local products, the best of Minnesota Grown, the best natural and organic meats and produce and so on. And of course, I also deal in recipes—lots and lots of recipes. Read more about Simply the Best

The Guru of Gastronomy

Chef Ken Galloway in a residential kitchen

A delicate fried potato ring sits atop a piece of tender, pork tenderloin glistening in a savory, glossy glaze. Through the aroma of roasted root vegetables with a spritz of lemon wafting in the air, chef Ken Galloway was in his foodie paradise. Dashing from the residential home kitchen through the cool, crisp autumn air to the small wedding reception in the backyard, Galloway’s passion was put to the test—in this unconventional set-up, he made sure that despite the lack in professional equipment, each guest received their gourmet food piping hot. Read more about The Guru of Gastronomy

Soup’s On!

By now, even the most fervent cooks have grown a bit weary as the holidays and heavy-food season begin to fade into the distance.

As with nature, cooking has its own seasons—enter the time for comfort cooking. Soup tops the list, providing warmth against winter’s chill and soothing what ails us—one glorious spoonful at a time. Our editors from across the Twin Cities celebrate soup’s restorative qualities by sharing some of their favorite recipes. Read more about Soup’s On!

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