Photo Contest Winner

Lens on the Lake 

Day at the Beach (Memorial Beach in Winter)

On a sunny winter day, Lauren Meyer, who placed first in our 2020 Lens on the Lake Photo Contest, snapped her winning photo. We spoke with Meyer about Day at the Beach (Memorial Beach in Winter), to find out what inspired her to get this shot.  

Where was the photo taken? Memorial Beach on White Bear Lake Read more about Lens on the Lake 

Circling the Sailboat

Swirling, sun-kissed clouds make for a serene, award-winning photo.

Jean Auger considers herself a “photographer for fun.” She regularly gets up before the sunrise each morning to check if there are any photo-worthy sights. And nature photos are her expertise.

“You get this compulsion, you have to see what’s going on,” Auger says. “It gets you out of bed.” Read more about Circling the Sailboat

A Bridge to Beauty

A Frosty Morning on Manitou Island

Nature, in all her unbridled beauty, frequently puts on a dazzling display for all to see. Such is the case when Ron Hawkins awoke on a chilly Monday morning last February and noticed the hoarfrost on the trees—he knew the tiny crystals of frozen water vapor coating the landscape would make for beautiful photos. Read more about A Bridge to Beauty

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