Dog Days Downtown Is Here, So Grab Your Furry Friends and Head to Town

Bring your pup to the fourth annual Dog Days Downtown, started in 2015 by Kim Schoonover, owner of Indulge Salon. “We have big dog lovers, and we like to give treats when dogs come in with their owners,” Schoonover says.

“The first year we were on our own. The second year, many businesses jumped on board,” Schoonover says. Last year’s event had 200–300 people and their dogs.


Pamper Your Pooch with Cookies, Collars and More from Lulu & Luigi

Has your pup been naughty or nice this year? Regardless, Lulu & Luigi is the place to go so your pup can look and feel their best this holiday season. Featuring a bakery full of holiday-themed treats, Christmas trees stocked with toys and a grooming service, this shop has it all.


Ready for Her Close-up

White Bear Lake is home to a celebrity who has been featured in People, the Washington Post and several London news outlets, in addition to numerous local print outlets and national television spots. This White Bear resident boasts 14.4 thousand Instagram followers. However, among all of this attention, Tula notices none of it. In fact, she just wants to go to the park.


Dog-loving Volunteers Make Off-leash Canine Park a Great Place for Pups and People

Hot diggity-dog, it’s the dog days of summer. It’s time to grab your pup and head to the Otter Lake off-leash dog park, where your canine companions can chase, run, jump and fetch on 10 acres of grass and trails. Many local dog owners, like White Bear Lake resident Tom Richter and his Lab/Basset mix, Wilson, are part of a loyal group who make the park a regular part of their summer routine. But it’s not just about the quality time spent with their four-legged friends.

A Pint-sized Pup Hits the Big Screen in Insectula!

Tiny puppy Kip is no stranger to media. After receiving positive comments and “likes” on Facebook, Danielle Cézanne, program director at White Bear Center for the Arts, and Kip’s owner, had an idea. “We thought we should include him in a movie as a marketing strategy. What is worse than a tiny puppy about to be eaten by a monster?” The movie, Insectula! is a comedy/horror film where giant insects terrorize a town; it was produced by Cézanne and written, directed and shot by her husband, Mike Peterson.


White Bear-Area Shop Dogs Play a Surprising Role

In case there’s any doubt who’s the queen at Joel B. Sherburne Jewelers in downtown White Bear Lake, just look at the wall behind the counter. There you’ll find a larger-than-life poster of Emma, Joel and Dorothy Sherburne’s beloved English bulldog, adorned in diamonds and a sparking tiara. Emma and her counterparts at two other shops in the area provide a surprising benefit to owners and customers alike. Emma’s poster says “You are beautiful because you are loved,” and perhaps this message is from these gentle shop dogs to us.

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