Pop the Cork on Crémant


Popping the cork on a bottle of bubbly can fill a room with celebratory spirits. As we move into brunch season and springtime celebrations, let’s take a closer look at a Champagne’s lesser-known cousin.

With the same richness and body of Champagne, crémant (pronounced kruh-maant) brings as much life and effervescence as its counterpart—at a fraction of the price. We spoke with Mike Scharff, general manager and wine buyer at Haskell’s in White Bear Lake, to learn more about this sparkling sensation.

What is crémant? Read more about Pop the Cork on Crémant


Simply Entertain

Louis Bouillot sparkling rosé

I love to entertain, whether it’s for a planned dinner or an impromptu gathering of friends. Here are my rules and some go-to wines that make this really easy.

Always have something ready. I keep a bottle of good sparkling wine in the fridge—just in case. (Consider: Louis Bouillot sparkling rosé)

I also like to keep good inexpensive wine on hand—just some good under $15 a bottle reds and whites. (Consider: Louis Martini cabernet sauvignon; Fortant chardonnay; or Folie a Duex chardonnay) Read more about Simply Entertain


Nectar of the Gods

Joshua and Dana Eckton

If the word “mead” has you conjuring images of raucous Norsemen consuming the honey wine from hollowed-out bull horns after a day of battle, well, your insightful ideations would be correct. You’d also be correct if those ideations traveled a bit further back, say, to Neolithic China, to ancient Greece, to medieval Europe. Shakespeare consumed it. Tolkien lauded it. And "Game of Thrones" helped make it cool. Read more about Nectar of the Gods


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