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July/August 2021 Digital Edition

White Bear Lake Magazine July/August 2021

Summer is in full swing. The weather is warm and the ice cream is cold. We’ve traded our boots for sandals, our parkas for T-shirts and find every excuse to spend time out of doors.

This issue is chockfull of summer fun … from the legacy and triumphs of the White Bear Sailing School to a lawn game primer to cabin-friendly plants and a quick hooray about the return of the stalwart Manitou Days—yep, we’re celebrating the long and carefree days of our favorite season. Read more about July/August 2021 Digital Edition

May/June 2021 Digital Edition

May/June 2021 White Bear Lake Magazine

I remember my first car. It was a yellow and black 1973 Plymouth Duster, and I remember saving the $866 to buy it from Suburban Chrysler Plymouth on Suburban Ave. in St. Paul. I was in awe of the freedom it brought me—driving to my friends’ houses, cruising around downtown North St. Paul, and driving it to work in the summer of 1980, with Boston, or something like it, playing on the radio. I also remember, on one particularly icy January evening, slip-sliding on a patch of ice and hitting a fire hydrant, knocking it over; luckily, the water didn’t come gushing out. Read more about May/June 2021 Digital Edition

March/April 2021 Digital Edition

My dad always had a vegetable garden in the side yard at my growing-up home. I remember the hours of work he’d put into tilling the ground each year, spreading the manure, sowing the seeds of lettuce, spinach, beans, cucumbers, carrots and radishes, and planting the onion sets and tomato plants. He’d tend to the garden on warm Sunday afternoons, his well-worn T-shirt soaked with sweat, while my mom and all of us kids tended to other things. Read more about March/April 2021 Digital Edition

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