More than a cup of coffee

Keys Café regulars

Every Tuesday morning at Keys Café starts the same as it has for decades.

As the staff prepares for opening at 8 a.m., brewing coffee and setting tables, a group of friends enters through the open backdoor. A whirlwind of chatter and laughter, they settle into two groups—men at one table, ladies at the other—in a familiar rhythm. Read more about More than a cup of coffee


Coffee Fix

There’s nothing quite like a perfect cup of coffee to start your day. Whether it’s a good old-fashioned cup of Joe, a fancy mocha with chocolate and whipped cream, coffee liqueur cocktail or coffee over ice, yes, these java drinks will have you caffeinated and ready to roll. From the sweet to the straight black, you’ll find something to fit your fancy. Without further ado, here is a roundup of coffee drinks that will grab ahold and make you feel that soul-warming goodness. Yes, it’s definitely comfort in a cup!

Morning Wood Coffee Stout
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