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Sweet Mana clean beauty products

Blending a passion for healthy living with a love for nature, Maplewood resident Jamie Tatreau is redefining the beauty industry with her clean beauty product company, Sweet Mana.

Not everyone has a defining moment where they can pinpoint when their life changed, but Jeff Loeks can tell you that his was six years ago, when he had a brain hemorrhage. “I didn’t know what it was,” he recalls.

As the end of the school year draws closer, college-bound students shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity. Each year, the White Bear Area Chamber of Commerce presents three $500 scholarships to students who are employed or have parents or guardians employed by chamber members.

Beth Messerly has always loved vintage items—the colors, patterns and textiles that tell a visual story of each decade. “I think my parents were always collecting really cool things, so that gave an appreciation for things that were older,” says Messerly.

Teenagers are fiddlers—fiddling with their phones, music devices, hand-held games, you name it. But three White Bear Lake 13-year-olds are keeping their hands busy to help others stay warm during winter’s bitter temperatures.

Lisa Swan and Sherry Walker combine fashion and philanthropy in a big way.

Beginning as early as 1926, White Bear undertook a winter festival, first as a Corn and Potato Show in partnership with the Ramsey County Agricultural Society.

In 1983, Scott Mower had a dream that would become more than just a fantasy. Graduating with a degree in environmental design and another in architecture, Mower was ready to change the world by creating buildings and homes that evoked emotions and were spaces where people would long to linger.

White Bear Lake’s nonprofits help our community run smoothly, but those nonprofits can’t make a difference without your help. The White Bear Lake Emergency Food Shelf and Solid Ground are two organizations that have undergone many changes over the last year, thanks to donations and support.

Proceeds from The BEAR’ly Open golf tournament have enabled the White Bear Lake Area Emergency Food Shelf to purchase more than $700,000 worth of food since the first event eight years ago, and event coordinator Ken Galloway invites the communi

Christmas with all of its traditions is a special time for many families. Whether baking, sledding, wrapping gifts or decorating your home to look like a high-voltage power plant is part of your family’s customs, it is quite likely they have taken on a special meaning over the years.