Rockin’ for Repairs

St. Mary of the Lake’s annual concert raises funds for refurbishing expenses.

An old stone church requires upkeep. So in an effort to help with the cost of the repairs that come along with age, the maintenance committee at St. Mary of the Lake Catholic Church has come up with a creative way to pay for all those expenses: an annual summer concert called “Rockin’ for Repairs.”

The event started with a dance and concert five years ago, but has evolved a bit since then; the event now takes place on the ball field at St. Mary’s Parish Life Center, a block from the church. The money raised has helped pay for new doors and windows, maintain the heating and air conditioning system, as well as made a contribution to the expense of a new slate roof.

Mark your calendars

What: “Rockin’ for Repairs”
Where: St. Mary of the Lake Parish Life Center, 4690 Bald Eagle Ave.
When: August 16, 6–10 p.m.
Cost: 15 and up, $10; 14 and under, free