Pet Travel Tips

Handy-dandy guide to make traveling easier with Fido.

Our pets love summer vacation as much as we do, so it’s important to make sure we have the necessary equipment when heading out on our next adventure. Laura Bednarczyk, owner of Lulu & Luigi, offers some helpful advice to make the trip fun for the whole crew.

  1. Plan ahead. Not all hotels, parks and beaches are pet friendly. “Going online and doing a little research will make travel smoother for the whole family,” Bednarczyk says.
  2. Keep your dog well hydrated. There are portable pet water products, like collapsible water bowls, that fit in your car drink holder.
  3. Prevent anxiety. Traveling can be a source of anxiety for some pets. Products such as Thundershirts (a shirt that applies constant and gentle pressure) and calming treats can be helpful in keeping your pet relaxed.
  4. Keep pet information readily available. “Remember to have an ID tag on your pet at all times, and to have their vaccination records in a convenient place,” says Bednarczyk.

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