baby farm animals

Local nonprofit 21 Roots Farm brings meaningful activities to people impacted by developmental disabilities. With programming for both youths and adults, activities on the farm are as fresh as each new season since the farm’s start in 2019.

Writers always seem to do their best work when they have inspiring subjects.

Winter in the White Bear area has generally been a busy time. Whether you like to ice skate, cross-country ski or play a pick-up game of hockey, outdoor activities have been a popular way to spend those chilly days.

When the Minnesota High School Cycling League (MHSCL) launched in 2012, one of the first people contacted as a potential coach was White Bear Lake Area High School teacher, Fred Feirn.

Through a window overlooking Wildwood Elementary’s outdoor play area, principal Mark Hamre reveals the spots where the kids play at recess. There is a hard surface area, pavement where kids play basketball and foursquare.

The Minnesota Ironman Bicycle Ride, a local cycling classic, kicks off the biking season with challenge and bravado. This year’s ride will mark the event’s 50th anniversary.

What happens when you place 14 modern men on a remote island for four weeks with nothing but some video equipment? You get NBC’s reality show, The Island, hosted by Bear Grylls, and local boy Jud Nichols was one of the contestants.

In July, a group of local White Bear Lake enthusiasts banded together to form the group Friends of White Bear Lake.

The World’s Original Ice Fishing Contest was first held in 1947 and quickly became one of White Bear Lake’s most popular winter traditions. Each year, the White Bear Rod and Gun Club would coordinate the event—some years with co-sponsors.

On the surface, the idea of racing a boat across frozen waters at up to 60 miles per hour in subzero temperatures sounds crazy. Dig a little deeper . . . and it still sounds pretty crazy.

When Arthur (Art) Jacobson and his wife, Dickey, bought the 25-acre orchard on the shore of Pine Tree Lake in 1958, they had visions of creating a family business and living on the land that is as bountiful as it is beautiful.