Nailed It

Current fall nail trends have your fingers and toes looking picture perfect.

Rejoice, those who love a good mani/pedi, because the fall 2014 nail trends are in and there is something for everyone. We caught up with Pam Black, booth renter and independent contractor at Mixx Salon in White Bear Lake, to talk about the latest styles. Whether you like your fingertips looking classy and demure or eye-catchingly funky, chances are there’s a paint job that can satisfy your tastes and be fashionably on point.

Œ1. In the Nude

You could call nudes the “little black dress” of nail polish: always simple, easy to wear and effortlessly chic. These timeless tones include sheer peach and glossy tans. “Nudes are always going to be very popular because they go with any of the clothing that the designers do,” says Black. So, even as your wardrobe evolves, your nails will steadily stay in style. Pick a tone that compliments your skin tone rather than an exact match to make sure your look is subtle, not camouflaged.


2. Edgy Angles

According to Black, when it comes to nail art, flowers and detailed pattern overlays have been ushered out by hard-edged, sharp-angled geometrics. In other words, it’s all about the straight-lined splits and triangle-based color blocks. While extreme contrasts in colors can make this look intense, it’s a style that more conservative polishers can have fun with, too. Split each nail diagonally with a nude and clear color pairing. Or, says Black, try one accent nail to subtly pay tribute to the trend.


3. New Moon

The moon of your nail refers to the area at the base near the cuticle, usually marked by a small, pale half moon. Previously a commonly ignored area of the nail, artists like Black are having a fun time playing up the crescent shape. Colors and accessories can switch this trend’s tone among classy, bold and cute. For example, a white moon layered over an inky black nail creates an eye-catching, mod look, while a red moon with a nude nail is clean and preppy.


4. Ruby Red Rules

The leaves are changing colors so your nails can, too. While you might be tempted to mimic the fiery red foliage around you, try muted, bold tones of this classic nail color instead. Black points to “dark browns, brick and rich reds.” This color palette is a go-to for sophisticated, professional looking nails. If you’re down to try the color but want something a bit edgier, try a crimson-toned reverse French manicure, leaving the moon clear, or pair wine-colored tips with a ruby topcoat.


5. Glitzy Glitter

Adding glitter to your mani is a perfect solution for people who love a little bit of sparkle. Plus, shimmery polish adds texture and dimension to your nails, says Black. Ombré is a trend which involves a vivid shift from dark to light and, in this case, heavier glitter as you reach the tip. For a sophisticated take on the style, try a nude base with a gold glitter. Have your manicurist start adding the glitter lightly at the midway point on your nail, gradually adding more as they brush towards the tip.


‘6. Shades of Gray

As with nude, smoky shades of polish look effortlessly hip and pair well with your whole wardrobe. Experiment with the infinite spectrum—deep slate looks chic for a night downtown and pastel ash is fun for your day-to-day. If you’re feeling daring, take things a step further and make your metal shades metallic. Slightly shiny silver and gold can look very rock ‘n’ roll when they coat the whole nail, or can be a delicate way to stand-out as a French tip.


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