Mainstream Boutique, Rejuvenated

The multigenerational shop gets a new look.

Mainstream Boutique, an individually owned franchise that empowers women through fashion, and opened its doors in White Bear Lake in 2012,  just got a remodel. “It was time to spiff things up to show appreciation to faithful clients in White Bear Lake and the surrounding communities,” owner Kelly Arcand says.

The shop has an inviting and comfortable atmosphere, and the recent renovations add to the ambience. New barn wood accents were put in to give the store a more casual, up-to-date look. The cash wrap counter is finished in barn wood, and so is the Mainstream Boutique sign. Arcand’s favorite part of the remodel is the barn wood slab wall in the back of the shop used for on-trend  clothing displays. In addition, a new ceiling was installed.

With its new look, Mainstream Boutique continues to stay true to its long-standing mission: providing women of all ages with clothing and accessories that instill confidence. “We cater to helping women find the latest, trendiest and classic fashion,” Arcand says. From women in their 20s to women in their 80s, everyone can find something appealing. Minimum prices range from $40–$60, excluding leather shoes. Maximum prices include $150 for leather jackets, and $200 for shoe brands like Sorel.

This year’s holiday trends include the cold shoulder, which has a slit up the arm and has looped holes along the shoulder, and the off-shoulder, a top with elastic pulled down to expose the shoulder. Sparkling black sequins and embroidery on jeans and jean jackets are also a huge trend.

Mainstream Boutique offers November specials this year to mark its five-year anniversary, encouraging all women to enhance their look through the shop. “Women can come in and know they’re at home,” Arcand says.