Mahtomedi's Jay Christensen Sells Support for Team

Mahtomedi student uses love of selling and passion for football to support his team.
Jay Christensen.

It takes more than a great defensive line for a high school football team to succeed; it also takes resources. Mahtomedi High School senior Jay Christensen and his teammates understand this, and they pitch in by selling Zephyr cards, which offer discounts to local businesses and restaurants.
Christensen has sold a whopping 400 cards during his high school career, raising a total of $8,000 for the team to purchase new equipment and pay for other expenses. His love for the game and unwavering school spirit have driven his ambition through the past four years. “I have a lot of pride in our football team and want to represent it as best as I can,” he explains.
His stellar sales record may be a sign of future endeavors: Christensen is considering continuing his sales streak by studying business in college.