Lost and Found

Peripatetic pup finds her way back home with help from community members.

When Jassmin Anderson’s partially blind standard poodle, Roe, went missing on a cold December day, Anderson, who lives in White Bear Lake, was frantic. She left Roe’s crate, blanket, food and water out, in hopes the peripatetic pooch would find her way back home. But no luck.
So in this era of social media, she posted on Facebook, and #comebackroe was tweeted on Twitter. The story was shared hundreds of times, and local folks who had never met Anderson or the long-legged dog with the wandering spirit took to the streets. Roe was found the next morning.

“Thank you to everyone who has helped look for her, especially the people we’ve never met,” said Anderson in a Facebook post. “It’s great to know that we live in an awesome community.”

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