The Locket Sisters Fashion Custom Personalized Lockets

By scaling down photos to create timeless pieces of jewelry, the Woodford sisters help keep important stories close to heart.

The sisters, Amy and Allyssa, who grew up in Mahtomedi and own a boutique photography studio, started making lockets for themselves and their photography clients in 2015.  

While traveling the world for more than 15 years, Amy Woodford always wished she had a locket with pictures of her husband and kids—something to carry with her while she was away. Allyssa Woodford always loved making jewelry, so Amy suggested she make lockets.

Amy relates how the inspiration to expand their locket line into The Locket Sisters company came while she was telling a story to a photo client about how Allyssa’s daughter was comforted at preschool by wearing a locket of her family, Amy says.

They now offer to take anyone’s story and craft it into a locket. Making lockets in the community along with having an online presence has connected them with people all across the U.S. and Canada.

“It has shifted how we see the world, how we wake up each day. It’s become a surprising gift that has made us more grateful women,” the Woodford sisters say.