Lens on the Lake: Lakeside Resident

An amazing shot captures an unusual bird on a tranquil lake.

Gary Schafer has been known to enjoy the serenity of White Bear Lake mornings riding his bicycle. Besides his set of wheels, the most important item he brings with him on these endeavors is his Canon 7D Mark II, in the hopes of capturing a bit of this picturesque scene.

One such moment that Schafer captured perfectly is his photograph, “Lakeside Resident.” While biking near Admiral D’s, he noticed one of at least three families of green herons that live along the shores of White Bear Lake, and followed them down to the water.

“It’s a neat shot of a rare bird,” Schafer says of the photo, which garnered an honorable mention in our Lens on the Lake Wildlife and Nature category. What is his favorite part of the experience? “Being able to catch the bird looking at me,” he says.