Lens on the Lake 2015: Photo Contest Winners

The winners of our annual Lens on the Lake photo contest are revealed.
"Monarchs Looking Regal" by Jim Vincent

The 2015 Lens on the Lake photo contest has come to a close and the results are in! Many thanks to our loyal readers who participate in the photo contest by submitting their beautiful snapshots of our community, and by voting online for the Reader's Choice award.

The contest includes two different awards:

  • Juried panel: A panel of judges chooses a winner in each of five categories (Wildlife & Nature, Activities & Events, City Landmarks, People & Families, and Pets). We include runners up as the number and quality of photos allow.
  • Readers’ choice: Readers vote online for their overall favorite photo.

Congratulations to these all-star photographers:

Wildlife & Nature

1st: Wood Duck by Andrew Townshend

2nd: Gold-N-Wing by Jim Vincent

3rd: Follow Me - Birch Lake by Julie Orloske

Honorable Mention: LilyFrog by Jim Vincent

Honorable Mention: Lakeside Resident by Gary Schafer

Activities & Events

1st: Hiking by Jay Rendall

2nd: It's a Hit! by Gary Schafer

3rd: Pumpkinmania by Jay Rendall

Honorable Mention: High School Regatta by Jay Rendall

City Landmarks

1st: Fall Day Downtown by Karen Freya Dahl

2nd: Star Trails over Matoska Gazebo by Jim Vincent

3rd: Iconic Paul R Bear by Lynda Leszinski

Honorable Mention: Nearing Ice Out by Dale Grambush

People & Families

1st: Going Fishing by Penny Rendall

2nd: 911 What's Your Emergency by Ron Hawkins

3rd: Beach Boy - Willernie Beach by Matthew Miller

Honorable mention: Bear'ly Open 2015 by Dale Grambush


1st: Hi Neighbor by Julie Orloske

2nd: A Boy, his Dog, and White Bear Lake by Kris Stenson

3rd: Dog Park Bliss by Carolyn Porter

Readers’ Choice

- Monarchs Looking Regal by Jim Vincent

We do our best to feature winning photos on the pages of White Bear Lake Magazine and online during the coming year, so stay tuned to learn more about these great snaps.