Leading Lady

Becky Bergman recently promoted to president of Gustavus Adolphus College.

Gustavus Adolphus is an undergraduate institution that employs liberal arts as a way of thinking, which is one of the many reasons Becky Bergman, who lives in North Oaks, is shining as its new—and first woman—president. With 2,400 students, Gustavus is small enough for the dedication to teaching and community, which is so important to Bergman. “The biggest joy for me is people,” she says. “This school has a great setting, but for me, it’s the community aspect.”

Before Bergman became president of Gustavus in July 2014, she worked as a vice president at Medtronic and has a strong business background.

In 2007, when her oldest was attending Gustavus, she received an invitation to join the school’s board of trustees, and has moved ahead from there. “I’m a very mission-driven person,” Bergman says. “I have a sense of vision for the future that will inspire this community to fully prepare students for the real world.”

As for being the first woman president of Gustavus, Bergman is both proud and inspired. “I love that I’m a leader and role model for the next generation of women,” she explains. “I hope someday being the first woman in anything isn’t the leading headline.”