Kowalski’s Market Debuts Fun and Fresh Meal Kits

With high-quality ingredients right from the store and some of the prep work done, making dinner at home just got a lot easier. “We love the idea of people cooking and eating at home,” Rachael Perron, culinary and brandingdirector at Kowalski’s Market, says about the decision to add kits to the menu.

In comparison to subscription kits that make you order in advance, these meals are ready for pick-up, making the meal kit experience more convenient. “People with busy lives don’t know what they are going to eat in a week,” Perron says. “Our meal kits offer more flexibility.”

All meals serve two but have generous portions, so the kits can be flexible for customers. “There will be leftovers. Some customers buy one, and it serves two adults and two small kids,” Perron says.

“If you are serving four to six people, you can buy two or three meals.”

If you are looking to try something new, the menu usually features at least one dish a bit more adventurous than the rest. “Sometimes you don’t want to buy things you haven’t tried, and this gives our customers a chance to try new things,” Perron says. Looking for something more familiar? The menu changes every six weeks and always offers a vegetarian option, a variety of proteins and some Minnesota comfort foods the whole family will enjoy.