Kellerman’s Event Center Adds a Spacious New Groom’s Room

When you think of weddings, you usually think of the bride. Kellerman’s is thinking of the groom, and recently added a groom’s room at their event center. After moving the bride’s room downstairs, they were left with the space and opportunity for a room where nervous grooms can go to relax and prepare before the nuptials.

“One of the big things was a photo opportunity for them,” owner Terry Kellerman says. “We had a groom’s room before this, but we had so many issues with the photographers and actually taking pictures.” After noticing that photographers weren’t taking photos because of the mirrors and lighting in the room, Kellerman decided to remodel it. “So I fixed all of those issues,” he says. “I exposed all the brick, put in a floor that’s more appropriate [and] brought in a 100-year-old pool table.”

Kellerman’s wants to make the groom’s day as fun and memorable as they can. “If the groom requests it, we will deliver the beer or cocktails they want,” Kellerman says. “[We had a wedding where] mimosas were delivered to the girls and the guys got beer.”

Jacob Sellers, who used the room on May 6, says that it was a fun experience. “It was a great spot for me and my groomsmen to get ready in. The location inside Kellerman’s is perfect because we were in the middle of the venue, but still somewhat hidden away for privacy,” Sellers says. “I enjoyed how the room was dimly lit and we had full use of the pool table.”

The 294-square-foot room has been a popular feature and is doing as well as their bride’s room. “Everyone who is using it right now, we booked a year ago. So they didn’t even know what this was going to be,” Kellerman says. “The ones that we’re selling right now for next year are seeing this thing and going, ‘Holy cow!’”