November 2017 White Bear Lake Magazine

In the November issue we're checking in with a White Bear Lake local who creates beautiful jewelry.

In 1880, Minnesota architect Cass Gilbert took a position as a draftsman at the well-known firm McKim, Mead and White in New York City. He returned to Minnesota in 1882 to be closer to his mother. He was young, unknown and without many of the local connections so often helpful.


Celine Carlson has been in the hospitality business for more than 40 years, and she’s seen a lot of food trends come and go.


Department stores can be trite and overwhelming, but the second annual Holiday Junk Jaunt is anything but that. Danielle Rode, owner of the vintage store Upsy-Daisy in downtown White Bear Lake, started the event in 2016.


Veterans give a lot to serve our country. And at times, finding safe and affordable housing prevents them from enjoying their first months back at home. Journey Home Minnesota is out to change that.


For Danielle Rode, owner of Upsy-Daisy in downtown White Bear Lake, the moniker of DIY Expert fits like the proverbial handcrafted glove. And, truth be told, that glove could also fit nicely on many of the handy and creative folks of her family tree.


It’s hard to oversell the transformative power of a day at the salon; we all know that feeling of renewed confidence and verve a new cut or fresh color can impart. Sadly, for many women, this experience is one of the things cancer takes from them.


Farmhouse furniture is making a big comeback. James Putnam, a White Bear Township resident, creates farmhouse-inspired furniture and sells it to eager customers all around Minnesota. After helping to build an entire house, creating furniture is a piece of cake for Putnam.


Michelle Stangl isn’t just creating beautiful jewelry—she’s creating jewelry that smells good, too. “You put a drop of essential oil on a volcanic lava stone and the stone soaks up the oil and it diffuses the aroma throughout the day,” Stangl explains.


It was an early, mid-October morning when Ron Hawkins ventured out to Tamarack Nature Center. With the changing seasons, nature transforms Tamarack into a landscape different from the last. “It becomes a brand new place to visit,” Hawkins says.


We all look forward to Thanksgiving dinner, from the delicious turkey to the pumpkin pie. And the White Bear Lake Area Emergency Food Shelf (WBLAEFS), along with Kowalski’s Market in White Bear Lake, wants to make sure everyone has a dinner on the holiday table.


It was November 9th of last year when Mayor Jo Emerson named the second Saturday of November “White Bear Lake Family Yoga Day.” And LifeCore Yoga, which has studios in White Bear Lake and North Oaks, participates with its annual Family Yog


On June 27, groundbreaking began for the new Hanifl Performing Arts Center, the future home of Lakeshore Players Theatre. Plans for a potential new building started in 2013, followed by a capital campaign in 2014.


Mainstream Boutique, an individually owned franchise that empowers women through fashion, and opened its doors in White Bear Lake in 2012,  just got a remodel.