March/April 2022

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” —Jane Goodall

Spring has always been my favorite time of year. Shedding winter layers for bright colors, watching green buds spring from retreating snow, basking in the warm winds as they usher birds back to my doorstep. It always feels this way.

Tommy, Ready to Play!

On a clear summer evening, Craig Drake, who placed first in our 2021 Lens on the Lake Photo Contest, captured this image of his grand-dog, sitting happily at the end of his family’s dock on White Bear Lake.


Popping the cork on a bottle of bubbly can fill a room with celebratory spirits. As we move into brunch season and springtime celebrations, let’s take a closer look at a Champagne’s lesser-known cousin.


Basketball, beer and food— there are no better words to sum up March Madness.

Kasey Johnson and Regan Nix

When one considers the term sustainability, odds are the images that come to mind are not stunning modern homes or commercial developments.

Keys Café regulars

Every Tuesday morning at Keys Café starts the same as it has for decades.

Sweet Mana clean beauty products

Blending a passion for healthy living with a love for nature, Maplewood resident Jamie Tatreau is redefining the beauty industry with her clean beauty product company, Sweet Mana.

women are embracing their grey hair

Confident. Authentic. Risk-taker. These are just a few words Laura Saatzer of Pine Springs uses to describe herself as she sports her new look—salt-and-pepper gray locks chopped just below her chin.

Ky McDonald, Set Me Free

“There’s no place like home,” proclaims Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz. Our homes are the foundation of all of our hopes and dreams while exuding a warmth beckoned by the people that inhabit the space.

North Paws Canine Services

Warm weather and adventure go hand-in-hand, or should we say paw-in-hand? Get your dog ready to explore right alongside you with adventure training classes from North Paws Canine Services.

Louis Bouillot sparkling rosé

I love to entertain, whether it’s for a planned dinner or an impromptu gathering of friends. Here are my rules and some go-to wines that make this really easy.


I’m returning to work this month after a weeklong staycation, and I’ve spent a ton of time inside recently, engaged in activities both cozy and productive.

North Star Hounds' bandanas for dogs

If you’ve struggled to find drool-worthy accessories for your fluffy friend, look no further than North Star Hounds. With a variety of patterns and designs, you can find a paws-itively perfect match for their unique personality.