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After 25 years in the corporate marketing and product development world, Claire Powell, who originally hails from London but now resides near White Bear Lake, thought it was time she created a business of her own.

Massage has skyrocketed in popularity in the past two decades. National Institutes of Health studies, among others, indicate massage can have a dramatic positive impact on physical and mental well-being. And in February, it’s more important than ever.

It’s that time of year—lace, hearts and chocolates are in abundance—and nothing says “I love you” quite like the perfect flowers for Valentine’s Day. White Bear Lake florists are ready to help, and have shared some of their top picks and ideas.

White Bear Lake has always been a popular recreation area for visitors and residents alike. For decades, the summer brought train cars filled to capacity with eager city dwellers who wanted to enjoy the warm breezes and the healthful waters of the “northern lakes” region.

Life can change instantly. A bone-breaking fall, a stroke or complications from chronic diseases such as diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis are game-changers. Suddenly, one is rendered helpless and becomes dependent on others, most often family members.

If you’re feeling a little post-holiday tension in your neck, you’re certainly not alone. “Everyone walks around with a certain amount of discomfort in their bodies,” explains Teri Faison.

White Bear Lake resident Charles Fritz awoke early on January 26 last year and drove to Ramsey Beach to photograph the hot-air balloon race, which hadn’t happened for many years. “The picture is taken as the last of the 11 balloons that participated were about to lift off,” he says.

If attempting something adventurous and wacky is on your bucket list, then you should take the Polar Bear Plunge.This January, Law Enforcement for Special Olympics Minnesota prese

Matthew and Alex Weinberger grew up in Tamarack Nature Center. The kids were stuffed in aBaby Bjorn and strapped to their father Mark as he set out hiking on the kilometers of trails.

Volunteers often toil behind the scenes for the benefit of others, yet never seek recognition. Their dedication is focused on helping the needy, healing the sick and lending a hand to the disadvantaged.

Nativity sets and manger scenes may be common sights at this time of year, but imagine being able to step into one. At the annual living nativity at St. Stephen Lutheran Church, it becomes possible.