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baby farm animals

Local nonprofit 21 Roots Farm brings meaningful activities to people impacted by developmental disabilities. With programming for both youths and adults, activities on the farm are as fresh as each new season since the farm’s start in 2019.

Our pets love summer vacation as much as we do, so it’s important to make sure we have the necessary equipment when heading out on our next adventure. Laura Bednarczyk, owner of Lulu & Luigi, offers some helpful advice to make the trip fun for the whole crew.

Brian Fowler

For aspiring anglers, there is no Fishing University. Learning to catch fish is an experiential skill, requiring countless hours on the water gaining an understanding of weather patterns, schooling tendencies, eating habits and a myriad of other variables.

Alexa Berg meets Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman.

We’ve all dreamed of meeting our favorite celebrity. Maybe you've planned what you'd wear, or practiced our cool and casual introduction.  But for most of us, these are just daydreams.

A great time was had by all as folks celebrated the grand opening of the taproom at the Big Wood Brewery.

An aerial view of the remodel at White Bear Yacht Club.

Many consider the White Bear Yacht Club (WBYC) to be one of the many gems in the White Bear area.

Summer is the most beautiful season in Minnesota, and it gives kids the much-needed opportunity to play in the fresh air. White Bear Lake offers several traditional playgrounds, but one park offers something that most parks don’t have: a skatepark.

The abundance of habitat and wildlife at Tamarack Nature Center is perfect fodder for Cynthia Hickman, an avid birder who’s been taking photographs as a hobby for 15 years. “I can spend hours outdoors taking photos,” says Hickman. “It’s very relaxing and therapeutic.”

Wahoo! owners Dave and Kerri Kolstad enjoy sharing their spirit of adventure with others, including camp mascot, Addy.

When Kerri Kolstad was a young girl growing up in northern Minnesota, she’d get up on Saturday mornings, eat breakfast and hop on her bike to spend the day riding, exploring and experiencing the great outdoors with other kids in her neighborhood.

Irina Shavlik and her horse, "Haylee."

While many of us might turn up our nose at the unmistakable smell of a horse barn, for equestrians like Colleen and Lyle Wick, it’s aromatherapy.