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Brian McGoldrick, owner of Admiral D’s Waterfront Tavern, likens the effect music has on people walking, biking and boating past his restaurant to something like that of a pied piper.

Through a window overlooking Wildwood Elementary’s outdoor play area, principal Mark Hamre reveals the spots where the kids play at recess. There is a hard surface area, pavement where kids play basketball and foursquare.

Sara Markoe Hanson from the White Bear Lake Area Historical Society shared a presentation on and some stories about the legendary lakes and people that make our area so unique.

Summers in White Bear Lake wouldn’t be complete without stopping by the fun events offered at Manitou Days and Marketfest.

“We believe the Internet can change people’s lives … if done right.” This is the philosophy driving Happy Dog Web Productions, a business created by owner and founder Ryan Boog six years ago.

It’s not difficult to whiz past Rudy’s Redeye Grill as you head north on Highway 61 through White Bear Lake. But don’t.

There’s an old adage that adversity builds character. That may be true, but—given a choice—high school hockey players Dylan Gast and Jeanette Bealke would probably opt for a less painful character-building experience than the one they have each been dealing with.

Cindy Senarighi was born to be a healer. From the physical to the mental to the spiritual, she’s been healing others all her life.

There’s no doubt that reading is a perfect way to engage children and create strong bonds in families, even between long-distance relatives.