Haulin’ Hall

Historic building moved to Polar Lakes Park.
White Bear Town Hall, ca. 1956

After years of waiting—20 to be exact—White Bear Lake’s historic town hall has finally moved to Polar Lakes Park; the decision wasn’t made lightly. The building was constructed in 1885, located between two of the area’s best-known bodies of water—White Bear Lake and Goose Lake. According to Sara Markoe Hanson, executive director of the White Bear Lake Area Historical Society, the building was the site of important meetings of town staff and residents alike, including the meeting in 1996 that decided the hall’s eventual relocation. Since it hasn’t been used for this purpose since 2011, however, the township declared it was time to move it to a friendlier environment, where it can be more accessible.

Once the town hall officially opens again this spring, the building will be used for historical exhibits and school tours. The elementary school system in the community is even thinking about adding visits to the old meeting place to their curriculum.