Goodies for the Gals at Secondhand Stiletto

The Secondhand Stiletto offers furniture, clothing, home décor and more.
Jody Braniger and Margaret Heaton in The Secondhand Stilletto.

“It’s a girl thing,” reads a dainty pink sign that has made its home on a one-of-a-kind dining chair. These four words mean something special to Margaret Heaton and Jody Braniger, sisters and owners of The Secondhand Stiletto, which opened late last year. The two started selling all things girly about seven years ago on the internet, but were forced to put their business endeavor on hold due to their parents’ illnesses. Braniger and Heaton’s mother and father passed away soon after, and the two sisters found themselves taking some time to rethink their business and figure out a few things.

Eventually, the sisters decided it was time to get back out there and start selling their handmade, up-cycled and consigned treasures. The Secondhand Stiletto honors their late mother, who loved people and all things pretty.

Having a storefront allows the sisters to sell larger pieces, such as the furniture that Heaton reupholsters masterfully. Heaton also paints and re-does antique jewelry boxes that are “out of this world,” while her sister enjoys sewing and papercrafting. You can find her handmade cards in the store, or you can treat yourself to Braniger’s wire-wrapped rings that incorporate unusual found objects, her favorite craft to make.

The Secondhand Stiletto is set apart by its wide range of items available to shoppers. They carry home décor pieces, boho styles, vintage pieces, including clothing, and, of course, handmade items. “People find inspiration in our store,” says Braniger. “We like to bring beautiful things at a good price.”