Giving Back

A laptop donated to the White Bear Lake Rotary Club Technology Drive rests against some books.

The White Bear Lake Rotary Club is collecting computers (PC and Mac), laptops, flat-screen monitors, tablets (Android, Microsoft Surface, Chromebooks) and accessories, such as mice and keyboards, cables, SD cards and laptop batteries.

The holiday season is a time for kindness, and is often the inspiration for a selfless outpouring of generosity and charitable donations.

Keeping up an old stone church is an expensive proposition. Luckily, the parishioners and community of St. Mary of the Lake Catholic Church in White Bear Lake have hit on a renewable source of income—their annual “Rockin’ for Repairs” concert, which takes place Saturday, August 17 at the St.

Hunger in America continues making headlines as the economy lurches forward in fits and starts—seemingly impossible in the richest country on Earth, but it’s true. For numerous college students striving to become self-sufficient and successful, hunger is very real.

“Needles, knitting and newborns” is the mantra of a group of seniors that meets every Thursday morning at the Senior Center in White Bear Lake.