Four Minnesotan Women are Biking Across the United States for the Sake of Public Lands

The Women on Wheels for Wild Lands share their story.

On September 9th, four young women from Minnesota embarked on a 3.5-month coast-to-coast bicycle ride across the United States to educate and raise awareness on the importance of American public lands and the threats they face. Katie, Hannah, Alex and Ariana call themselves “Women On Wheels For Wild Lands”, or WOWFWL (“wow-full”). Outraged by the current political and environmental threats facing public lands, WOWFWL will be visiting as many public lands along their route as possible, talking to individuals, organizations, legislators, and communities about their experiences, work, and personal stories involving public lands.

WOWFWL will be sharing these conversations as well as the many ways that people can help protect public lands in weekly videos on their website and all their social media platforms. You can follow along here. Their ride begins in San Francisco, CA on September 9th, and finishes in Columbia, SC mid-December. Stay tuned for an in-depth feature on these four inspirational young women in a spring issue of White Bear Lake Magazine.