Food & Drink

Set your taste buds a-twitter with some fabulous fare from two new eateries. Here’s a quick peek at what they have to offer:

Olive’s Fresh Pizza Bar

Succulent shrimp add the perfect burst of flavor to the shrimp pad thai from Sam Thai Cuisine.

Slippery, slithery, shimmery noodles— how we love you! It’s hard to imagine life without the noodle, as humankind has been blessed with the noodle’s delights for a very long time.

Vintage tea set, tea sandwiches and scones make for a perfect tea party. Styled by Rae Danneman with items courtesy of Avalon Tearoom.

If you’ve ever imagined yourself at the Mad Hatter’s tea table in Wonderland, or daydreamed about taking tea with the Queen of England, look no further: You can find a traditional tea experience right here in White Bear Lake.

You can practically hear Homer Simpson saying it: “Mmm … bacon.” But maybe it was your own voice intoning those words of love. Check the mirror. Do you see a blissed-out expression? Is that a trickle of drool on your chin? Yep, it was you, and suddenly you need bacon, stat.

Margaux’s Table is making major moves—physical and conceptual.

In Italian, the word “pezzo” means “piece”, which is exactly what you’ll want to enjoy at  Pizzeria Pezzo in White Bear Lake.

Pizza has been called the “perfect food” for many reasons: it represents several food groups, it’s portable, versatile, easy to find, adored by all and just plain delicious.

Named after an elderly farmer from owner Greg Tegdesch’s childhood, Ozzie’s Ice Cream is open for summer scooping and is celebrating its first anniversary this month.

A night out often makes you, well, hungry, to put it simply. But not to worry—if you’re out and about and suddenly find yourself in desperate need of a bite to eat, we’ve got you covered.

You won’t find any green beer on tap at Manitou Station this St. Patrick’s Day. “We’re just the kind of place that doesn’t have to put leprechauns and shamrocks up all over,” says co-owner Jake McKeague. “We’re as authentic as you can get.