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chocolate granola

For many of us, some form of cereal is a staple in the morning meal rotation. Boxed cold cereals and precooked grains are convenient and can be particularly nutritious when done right.

As winter wears on (and on and on), fresh vitamins seem scarce. So we turn to citrus. At the peak of its season, citrus is sort of an edible facsimile of sunshine.

Baking is often thought of as a way to keep family traditions alive, and Cheri Kane’s Sweet Chericakes and Confections is another testament to that truth. “Both my grandma and my mom, they were bakers,” Kane says.

You may have noticed a warm new glow along Whitaker Street in the space formerly occupied by Roadside Pizza.

In Minnesota, every conversation starts with the weather. Good or bad, it is our civic duty to pay homage to Mother Nature’s supremacy. So let’s get it out of the way. Yes, this is winter, it’s cold and we are allowed to complain.

It’s fascinating to note how geographically disparate cuisines invent the same thing at the same time. In this case, we’re thinking about rolls.

Consume that festive fowl this Thanksgiving in more ways than one.

Cranberries are a familiar, even essential, part of a traditional American holiday meal, but they’ve been unfairly pigeonholed, relegated to the winter months to serve as a mere condiment to more “important” dishes. These tart little gems deserve year-round notice, if not reverence.

By the time the holidays roll around, Rachael Perron, White Bear Lake resident and culinary director at Kowalski’s, has been sampling stuffing and cranberry sauce for six months.

Poor Linus is still stalking the Great Pumpkin in his backyard patch. But the Peanuts character’s quest is just one of the stories associated with the orange orb: there are also jack-o’-lanterns, Cinderella’s midnight carriage and the hilarious—and growing!—sport of punkin chunkin.