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Tamarack Nature Photography Club

Spring has sprung, and it’s the perfect opportunity to get out with your camera and capture some beautiful shots. The Tamarack nature photography club is co-sponsored by the Tamarack Nature Center and the 3M camera club, and experienced 3M club members will lead this meeting to help you learn new photography techniques, offer equipment tips and help with photo projects so that you can head out onto the fresh green grass to gain some warm-weather inspiration. 651.407.5350. Read more about Tamarack Nature Photography Club

Spring Break Open Skating

If you’re staying in town over spring break, ice skating is a great boredom buster for the kids—and the White Bear Lake Sports Center has you covered with extended open-skate hours in the afternoons all week long. So lace up your favorite blades and get ready to glide around. Don’t forget the hot cocoa afterwards, and double up on the marshmallows—it is vacation, after all. 651.429.8571. Read more about Spring Break Open Skating

Insanity Boot Camp

The weather is starting to warm up, and that means it’s time to amp up the workout routine to make sure that you feel great once bathing-suit season hits. The Insanity program is famous as one of the toughest workouts out there, and this intense exercise class will push you beyond your limits with cardio drills, strength training and more, all designed to make you a lean, mean specimen. 651.407.7501. Read more about Insanity Boot Camp

Adult Basketball

Have you left your point-guard days behind you in high school, but finding yourself in  the mood for a little athletic competition? Grab some buddies and give the weekly adult basketball games at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church a chance, and join other basketball fiends in three-point shots and the full-court press. 651.426.3261.
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Tamarack Nature Photography Club

If you’re interested in improving your photographic skills and mastering your equipment, this is the club for you. Led by members of the 3M Camera Club, this free group meets on the third Saturday of each month to practice and talk about new photo techniques for you to try out in the gorgeous scenery at Tamarack Nature Center. 651.407.5350. Read more about Tamarack Nature Photography Club

Sweetheart Runs

Forget the treadmill, bundle up and brave the cold as you and your loved ones take part in the Sweetheart Runs, a set of 5K, 10K, 10-mile and kids’ runs that will get your heart pumping. It’ll make the rest of the day inside with a warm blanket and a cup of hot cocoa feel that much sweeter. 651.653.7401. Read more about Sweetheart Runs

Group Ski for Adults

Have you always wanted to learn how to ski but never had the chance? Head to Tamarack Nature Center for a lesson with other adult beginners in a fun, supportive environment. The Nature Center has all the equipment you’ll need available for rental. You’ll learn about proper ski clothing, equipment and technique, and it’s a bargain to boot. 651.407.5350. Read more about Group Ski for Adults

Adult Floor Hockey

Take your hockey habit inside and avoid the wind chill with nighttime adult floor hockey games at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church. Bring your A-game and join fellow competitive types for fun and exercise. 651.426.3261. Read more about Adult Floor Hockey


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