Your child’s private school education is a valuable investment, but with many private school options in the area, it can be a tad overwhelming on which one to choose. So we’ve done the groundwork and put together a quick guide on some of the local schools to consider.

Virginia Mancini knew she wanted to be an English teacher by her senior year in high school, and that passion for teaching has only grown since.

During a presentation on special-education students at Birch Lake Elementary School, one little second- or third-grade girl approached presenter and special education advocate Leslie Sieleni with a question.

The results are in, and according to U.S. News and World Report, Mahtomedi High School is the No. 1 high school in Minnesota for 2013.

Math can be challenging for many of us. But the Mathnasium learning center in White Bear Lake is helping kids see math in a whole new way.

Bingo, knitting and seminars on Medicare. Is this your image of the range of adult programs for retirees? Well, flash forward, folks.

With kids (and parents) eager for school to start again, this year marks the beginning of the free all-day kindergarten program at the eight White Bear Lake area elementary schools.

Next month, not only will Wildwood Elementary students be starting a new school year, but they will be stepping into a brand-new building. The previous building, built in 1951, was outdated and becoming too small for its 585 students.