Duchess of Cork

Sacha Hilpisch combines her love of wine and gifting at her shop, Select Vintage.

If you do the work you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. And Sacha Hilpisch, owner of Select Vintage, knows this adage well. Her work, her passion, in wine and in procuring the perfect gifts, propelled her to purchase the Select Vintage shop, located in The Avalon Mall, last January. “I always dreamed of owning a wine shop,” she says with a laugh.

Besides having a robust selection of wines, Hilpisch’s shop, which she owns with her husband Ron, is a fully functioning liquor store and offers periodic wine tastings, classes, and hosts special events.
But that’s only part of the story. Remember Hilpisch’s gifting gravitas? Yep, she’s managed to wrap that aspect of her passion into the shop by creating custom wine and Champagne bottle labels for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, holiday parties, etc. She has even created invitations, wedding and otherwise, as labels and affixed them onto the bottles.

“We offer the flexibility of putting anything you want on the bottle,” Hilpisch says, “from text to pictures.” And the process is simple. “People can order on the website, or they come in to the shop.”
There are a variety of options for the custom bottles, including purchasing the bottle from the shop and having Hilpisch create the label, bringing in your own bottle, or picking up one (or more) of the cute bottles wrapped and ready in the store.
And if you’re looking for an extra special gift, Hilpisch also offers gift sets that include wine or Champagne with a custom label and two glasses, and the whole shebang is offered in a stylish wooden gift box.

“I really love sharing that special moment with my customer,” Hilpisch says, “and having them be able to give a meaningful gift instead of something generic and typical.”