Dog Days Downtown Is Here, So Grab Your Furry Friends and Head to Town

Bring your pup to the fourth annual Dog Days Downtown, started in 2015 by Kim Schoonover, owner of Indulge Salon. “We have big dog lovers, and we like to give treats when dogs come in with their owners,” Schoonover says.

“The first year we were on our own. The second year, many businesses jumped on board,” Schoonover says. Last year’s event had 200–300 people and their dogs.

Rescue and adoption groups will be there too, so you can meet that special friend you’ve always wanted.

“Businesses around town will have freebies,” Schoonover says, “and restaurants with dog-friendly patios usually have specials.”

Saturday, July 28. 10 a.m.–1 p.m. Downtown Square