The DNR’s T.J. DeBates Offers Tips and Tricks for All Anglers on White Bear Lake

Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced angler, White Bear Lake caters to all levels of fishing experience. With the fishing opener this month, we asked East Metro Area Fisheries supervisor T.J. DeBates to provide some insight to make your day on the lake a breeze to plan.

The lake is home to a variety of fish. Like many other area lakes, there are panfish and bass. The DNR regularly stocks walleye and occasionally, muskies, according to DeBates.

The best time to fish for muskies and walleye is during lowlight hours. “The water is so clear that during the day, they do not come near the surface,” DeBates says. For bass and panfish, DeBates suggests anglers look for areas of vegetation, where fish will often hide. “These areas are easy to find because vegetation usually reaches the surface,” DeBates says.

For equipment, DeBates says it depends on what you’re looking to catch. “It can be as simple as you want,” DeBates says. “Using a regular rod, bobber and corn you can catch bluegills. For muskies, you need
a much bigger rod.”

If you’re looking for a big catch, muskies are best. “Muskies are usually the biggest,” DeBates says. “It’s common that muskies are over 50 inches, and usually there are three or four caught in a season.”

For more tips and information about fishing White Bear Lake, visit the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ website.