Daring Adventures on Lake Superior

Mahtomedi author’s book, Redemption’s Run, was selected as Star Tribune’s summer serial.

A coming-of-age story, the young adult/adult novel, Redemption’s Run, follows 12-year-old Kacie Aldrich and her quest to find a father she never knew. Set in the picturesque Apostle Islands of Bayfield, Wisconsin, the novel captures the courage of a young girl searching for answers.

Author Jane Fredericksen worked on the book on and off for 15 years, originally writing it as a movie script. In its fifth year, the Star Tribune’s summer serial, which ran chapters of the book each day for 10 weeks, chose Redemption’s Run out of 150 books.  

“It’s thrilling and kind of exhausting,” Fredericksen says in regards to the novel’s publication. She’s pleased with the positive responses from readers and is considering writing a prequel or sequel to Redemption’s Run. Fredericksen is currently working on a YA dystopian story.

Fredericksen, also a paraprofessional at Mahtomedi Middle School, enjoys working with the age group close to Kacie’s age. Redemption’s Run may be purchased online through StarTribune, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes.