An Evening Paddle

For over 25 years, Debbie Hartmann has pursued her passion for wildlife and nature through photography.

Cerenity seeks to create a community and care for the whole person.

Voting for the 2019 Best of White Bear Lake survey is now closed. The results of our annual readers’ choice survey will be printed in July, in our special Best of edition of White Bear Lake Magazine, and we'll need your help to fill it with the best White Bear Lake has to offer.


First Place: Keeping an eye on the neighborhood by Stephanie Herington
Second Place: Izzy by Larry Nelson
Third Place: Dreamer by Kora Dullea

No matter how many forms of entertainment that are available, there’s something unique about the satisfaction we get from reading a book. Kindles, Nooks and e-books are convenient and let you access thousands of titles just by touching your screen.

Looking at Fourth of July Fun in White Bear Lake, there is no shortage of happiness on the faces of Sami Herrick and her laughing son. This is exactly what photographer Jean Auger, Herrick’s mother, wanted to focus on.

With a great number of seniors living with Alzheimer’s and dementia, it is more important than ever they receive quality care, and White Bear Heights Senior Living works hard to meet that need.

Kerri Fee enjoys capturing the special moments in life—anything that captures beauty, joy and fun. Her award-winning photo, Cup and Cone, is no exception as it captures her two grandsons’ first experience at Cup and Cone. “I wanted to capture the joy on their faces,” Fee says.

Just as flower-lovers have their favorite blooms—whether it’s elegant roses, whimsical daisies, fragrant peonies or awe-inspiring hydrangeas—so, too, do you have your own cherished people, places and businesses in the White Bear Lake area.

The E.B. Gibbs Post of the Grand Army of the Republic was formed in late 1883 and officially chartered the following May. The group chose the name Eugene B. Gibbs to honor the Civil War veteran who served as the captain of a regiment out of California and made his post-war home in White Bear.