You may have noticed a new store on the block. John Henry, the menswear shop, is a local collaboration between its three founders: Michele Henry of Primp Boutique, Henry’s brother, Mike, and John Vadnais.

What starts out as a small hobby often leads to something bigger, and this couldn’t be truer for Andrew Dixon and Matt Goldberg of White Bear Lake. Something they loved doing evolved from a fun activity to a time-consuming hobby, and now into a start-up career for both of them.

Beth Messerly has always loved vintage items—the colors, patterns and textiles that tell a visual story of each decade. “I think my parents were always collecting really cool things, so that gave an appreciation for things that were older,” says Messerly.

Yes, it’s that time of year again: the time when we pack away the short sleeves, the sandals and those light breezy fashions. Sure, it might be a bit sad. But have no fear because fall fashions are just as fun.