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Sharing Stories

With six issues under our belt, we hope you are enjoying the stories that fill the pages of our magazine each month. It has been a delight to bring them to you. We are so lucky to have the amazing people, places, events, businesses, organizations, history and beautiful surroundings to write about, not to mention the fabulous lake that unites us. Read more about Sharing Stories

Heading to the White House

It’s always a treat to receive press releases about the goings on of the people, places, businesses and organizations from our corner of the world. Sometimes they turn into stories, sometimes calendar events and sometimes, the news is so exciting and timely, that I need to mention them in a blog; so that's what I'm going to do.  Read more about Heading to the White House

Cast Your Vote for Best of White Bear Lake

It’s no secret that White Bear Lake and the surrounding communities have an abundance of terrific people, places and things that make them great places to call home. So, in effort to give a shout-out to all those people, places and things that make our lives so much richer and fuller, we are launching our inaugural readers’ choice survey, Best of White Bear Lake. With a myriad of categories, including Best Boutique, Best Caterer, Best Pet Grooming, Best Place for Live Music and Best Breakfast, just to name a few, well, you will have the opportunity to cast a vote for all your favorites. Read more about Cast Your Vote for Best of White Bear Lake

Run for a Cause

Looking forward to that juicy turkey with all the delicious fixings on Thanksgiving? Well, if you participate in the “Fast Before the Feast” run put on by Tri Fitness, you can help make sure lots of other folks will eat well, too. Read more about Run for a Cause

In the Company of Greatness

There are people in life who, as a pastor from my old church used to say, “carry their own set of lights.” They are illuminated from within and needn’t have anything other than their own greatness to make them shine. Eden Prairie High School graduate and Stanford University freshman Brandon Hill is one of those people.

A young man who writes with such passion, such clarity, such intellect, that I am reminded of my own foibles and shortcomings. Read more about In the Company of Greatness

White Bear Lake Magazine Launch Party

Last Thursday evening, over 100 people came to the beautiful Kellerman’s Event Center (look for a terrific piece about the talented Terry Kellerman and this historic building in the January issue) to celebrate the launch of White Bear Lake Magazine. There was terrific food (thanks to all the food vendors!), wonderful music, networking and a whole lot of fantastic folks just happy to be there. As editor of the magazine, I felt like a proud mama showing off her new bundle of joy. Read more about White Bear Lake Magazine Launch Party

A Man of Many Passions

Some people, if they’re lucky, have one passion they dive into with whole-hearted, unbridled abandon. And others, who are really, really lucky, have many passions that overlap and fill in the spaces of a life like the dabs of paint in a Monet. Dr. Reid Smith—Juilliard-trained pianist, accomplished cook, avid gardener, art devotee, revered teacher, world traveler—well, you could say he definitely falls into the latter category.

And I, being the lucky gal that I am, got to experience almost all of his passions in one delightful pasta-art-music-gardening-filled fell swoop. Read more about A Man of Many Passions

A Cup of Coffee

To me, meeting someone for coffee and sitting across a table from them conjures up memories of my childhood: memories of climbing up on my dad’s lap and stealing sips of cream-and-sugar-laden coffee from melamine cups, of spent Kent cigarettes overflowing the square glass ashtray, while another, in mid-smoke, unfurling loops of white vapor into the kitchen of the Maplewood home where I grew up. Read more about A Cup of Coffee


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