Sharing Stories

Celebrating life all around the lake.

With six issues under our belt, we hope you are enjoying the stories that fill the pages of our magazine each month. It has been a delight to bring them to you. We are so lucky to have the amazing people, places, events, businesses, organizations, history and beautiful surroundings to write about, not to mention the fabulous lake that unites us.

 As a multi-community title, we get to celebrate life all around the lake by covering the stories of the communities that touch (or are near) the lake, including White Bear Lake, Mahtomedi, White Bear Township, Gem Lake, Willernie, Birchwood Village and Dellwood. In the words of one of my English professors, the area is “rich with possibilities.” 

 Here’s where you come in. Do you have questions, comments or feedback on the magazine? Want us to cover something you are interested in? Want to see more of this or less of that? Don’t hesitate to drop me a note. Like us on Facebook or Tweet about us; we love it when you talk about us.

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