Celebrate Community Media

RWSCC opens its doors with their annual open house on Thursday, April 25.

Have you ever been curious as to how all those neat local cable shows come to fruition? Now’s your chance to take a tour of the SCC Community Media Center, check out three production studios, visit the On Location TV19 production truck, the Final Cut Pro edit suites and Master Control, and meet the hosts of your favorite shows, including the fabulous Judy Skeie-Voss from On Location. Hey, you might see yourself on television and it could spark a desire to star in and produce your own show. If so, you can sign up for production classes right on the spot. The Open House takes place on April 25 from 3:00–7:00 p.m., and will also include free food, give-aways, prize drawings and more. For more information, go to rwcable.com RWSCC Community Media Center, 2460 East County Road F, White Bear Lake