Best Friends Become Business Owners at the Hair Bar

Dena Mielzarek (left) and Heather Olson.

Heather Olson and Dena Mielzarek clicked over clipping hair. Both starting at the same salon at the same time, they quickly became friends.

“We vacationed together,” Mielzarek says. “We just went out, and we became good friends pretty quickly,” Olson says.

When the chance came for a change, both women knew it was time to head in a different direction. With a new space opening on the main drag of downtown White Bear last summer, the location and timing were opportune. After the decision was made, both ladies spent three hectic months building their salon, the Hair Bar, with their own hands.

“We had to do it all quickly, and Dena and I did a lot of the work ourselves,” Olson says. They picked out the design and décor, without having any prior experience of opening a business. However, knowing they owed it to each other, they continued to pursue their dream until it became a reality. “It was nice having a partner with it, because doing it alone would’ve been insane,” Mielzarek says.

Most of the original girls from the previous salon came with them, each renting out chairs. The small family of nine stylists, including Mielzarek and Olson, stuck together, making the Hair Bar their home.

“We definitely are humbled by that for sure,” Olson says. “We really love the whole team that’s in our salon.”

The salon services all things hair-related, from haircuts to facial waxing. The modernistic establishment makes the most of its space, the white walls creating a fresh and open atmosphere.

“We’re just happy to be a part of downtown White Bear,” Mielzarek says.